Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Gaming Mouse Review

G402It was a little surprising for Logitech to announce another high-end gaming mouse so soon after the launch of their 12,000 DPI sporting flagship the G502. Ever the innovators, Logitech is back with a new first in the gaming mouse market with a dual sensor equipped mouse aimed squarely at FPS gamers.

What I liked

Feel – Given the mouse Logitech last released (the G502), it probably should be no surprise that Logitech nails the in hand feel again. The G402 fits perfectly in the hand. All 8 of the mouses programmable buttons are button are easily accessible. As with the G502, both sides of the mouse have a nice rubberized feel that keeps you’re fingers right where you want them when you go to pick up the mouse for a quick spin.

Performance – To be honest with you, I’m fairly new to playing first person shooters on the PC. So I’m probably not the best person to go in depth on the how the G402’s dual sensor functionality improved my FPS game. With that said the G402 did a great job at accurately assisting me in placing bullets all around enemy’s in Battlefeild 4.

Software – Logitech’s Gaming Software is a great utility as usual with the added bonus of being able to play around with the mouses features. The ability to adjust the brightness and pulsing pattern of the glowing G is a welcome features. And–as to be expected at this point– LGS does a great job at linking the game you’re playing to the specific profile you set up for it.

Miscellaneous –  While I have noticed that some others have complained about the glowing G on the G402 being a bit dimmer than the on the G502, to me this is a positive. I usually work in a fairly dark room and I could not stand to have the G502’s LED on for more that a few minutes.

What I didn’t like

– I’d still like to be able to change the color of the lights on the mouse.

– While the G402’s convex left and right buttons are fine, I prefer concave switches on my mice.


The G402 is a great choice for anyone looking for a general purpose mouse with the tech to handle the movements of pro FPS players. The mouse looks nice without sacrificing ergonomics. It’s accurate as all hell. And while does lack some of the nice features of the G502, for some the $20 price difference will more than makes up for it’s minor shortcomings.