Difference between Driveclub editions detailed

Update: Sony has confirmed that you’re upgrade will not expire if you lets your PlayStation Plus subscription lapse.

With their being a bit of confusion on what PlayStation Plus subscriber will get when DriveClub launches in October, Sony has released a video explaining what will be included in both versions.
The PlayStation Plus edition includes:

One location – India
11 tracks
10 cars
Access to all game modes

The full game includes:

Five locations
55 tracks
50 cars
50 tour events
PlayStationPlus subscribers will also have the option of purchasing access to the “full Driveclub experience,” by picking up an upgrade for $49.99. While this seems like an OK deal, it looks like you will only have access to the game while you still have a PlayStation Plus subscription.

If that confuses you, Sony and Evolution Studios plans to take a few more shots at explaining it to you before launch.