OnLive is Alive Again!

onliverespawnOnLive, the digital game streaming service that suffered a major corporate upheaval in 2012, has come back in the public eye once again! This time they have returned with an all-star team of executives who say they are planning to grow and expand the service in a major way. The management team now consists of veterans from EA, IGN, Disney, and Gracenote. Two new services are already being offered by OnLive: Cloudlift and OnLive Go.

Cloudlift offers you the ability to keep a copy of your save game files in a central, online location that you can then access from any device running OnLive as well. It works with all of your games purchased through a download retailer such as Steam. OnLive Go is a service that is designed to work with MMOs and other online game worlds though right now the only game showing support is Linden Labs “Second Life.”

OnLive appears to be trying to reinvent itself in a new way and with the continued push towards digital gaming, it remains to be seen if they will be innovative enough to survive.