EA Gives SimCity An Offline Mode

simcityOne of the oft-requested features of Maxis and EA’s relaunch of SimCity has been the ability to play in offline mode. Currently the game requires you to log into EA’s servers and remain connected in order to play the game at all. Plagued by server crashes, full servers, and quite a few traffic bugs, the relaunch has not faired well.

In their next patch, Maxis and EA hope to relaunch the relaunch with the requested, and originally deemed impossible, offline mode feature. Effectively you will now have two modes of play, according to Maxis, with there being a Single Player mode and the Multiplayer mode. Multiplayer will essentially be what the game has been currently while Single Player mode will remove access to the global market and other multiplayer features. You will, however, be able to mod your game which has been unavailable due to the way the game checks the consistency of the game files when you connect to Maxis and EA’s servers.

There is no ETA on the patch to enable these features with the release date being touted as “soon.”