Assassin’s Creed IV Freedom Cry DLC launch trailer

Assassins-Creed-IV-Black-Flag10-08-13 (2)

Ubisoft has released the launch trailer for Black Flag’s soon to be released story DLC Freedom Cry.

Set 15 years after the events of the main game, Fredom Cry follows the ex slave turned Assassin Adewale. No longer second-in-command of the Jackdaw, Adewale finds himself stranded in Saint-Domingue. Being a pirate without weapons or a crew, he ventures out to find people to help him steal/pilot a ship. During his search for said crew, Adewale winds up on a quest to free the island’s slave population.

While a standalone price has not been announced, the DLC is included with the game’s $20 season pass. Watch the launch trailer below.