Stealth Inc. DLC “The Lost Clones” out Dec. 3

Stealth_INC_Lost_Clones_LogoSadly, fans of Curve Studios’s Stealth Inc. (or Stealth Bastard) only have one more DLC pack to look forward to.

The stealth puzzler’s The Lost Clones DLC, due out on the PS3 and PS Vita on December 3rd, will focus on the past of PTi industries and adds 20 new levels, expanding the campaign by 20%.

While they made sure to tell us it’s possible for the DLC to be released for the PC version, Curve announced that it wouldn’t be in the next few months.

Additionally, the game received the 1.01 update, which added compatibility fixes, leaderboard and ranking tweaks, got rid of the unnecessarily offline reminder, and more.