iBuyPower Reveals its Steam Machine

iBuyPower_Steam-MachineThe first steam machine not made by Valve is coming by way of custom PC provider iBuyPower.

Set to release sometime in 2014, the living room PC will cost $499, the same price as Microsoft’s recently released console. Coming in two SKUs (that only vary aesthetically), the system will feature a multicore AMD CPU and a AMD Radeon R9 270 Graphics Card. The machine will also come packaged with Valve’s Steam controller and 500GB hard drive.

While the console looks a lot like the PS4, IBuyPower has said that the device falls somewhere in-between Sony’s latest console and the Xbox One in the size category. As you can see from the picture above, the system will come in a glossy white shell, which will definatly help it stand out from all of the glossy black plastic that seems to be standard with electronics these days.

Are you planning to pick up a Steam Machine?