PS4 Day One Patch Detailed

PS4-4While the PS4 will certainly be playable on launch day, that is not stopping Sony from releasing a patch for the system on day one. Clocking in at about 300MB and raising the version number to 1.50 on November 15th, the day one patch is going to enable some features while others have been delayed. Chief among the delayed features is the “suspend/resume” mode option which will be enabled in a future patch. For features that will be turned on you have the remote play and second screen functions for the Vita as well as the ability to have four people sign into their profiles at once while playing a game on the system so that they can track achievements and progress separately. You will also be able to play a game while it is downloading, something new to the system as well.

Overall it looks like a lot of what Sony has promised will be on the system when it arrives on November 15th though some features are still to be implemented. There is no cost for the patch and it looks like it will be the first of many to come.