Logitech G430 Gaming Headset Review

HeadsetHeader Considering purchasing a surround sound PC Gaming Headset? Also looking for something that matches your Decker uniform? Let’s see if Logitech’s $79 G430 headset lives up to its promise to deliver a truly immersive experience at an affordable price.


The G430s comes in a reasonably sized box that includes the usual manuals, a usb soundcard, and, of course, the headset.


Logitech’s G430 headset comes in a bright electric blue and black color scheme. While I’m not particularly fond of the blue–or that particular bit of the color spectrum in general–objectively, I see that it could match other PC peripherals, even those neat little LED lights people like to put in their gaming rigs. People still do that, right? Anyway. Aesthetics and my irrational hate for the color blue aside: the G430 is a mostly well designed product.

While the headset feels great on the head, the plastic used in the headset feels a little cheap, especially around the ear cups. The O rings used in the lay flat ear cups doesn’t offer enough resistance when turning  for me, which, combined with the creek from plastic, make the headset feel a little flimsy. While I’m sure the headset could survive a drop off my desk, I’m not sure it could survive the hell my Sennheisers have been through. Unlike some other headsets, flipping up the boom mic won’t actually mute your mic. To avoid having the entire Battlefield lobby hear you get chewed out by your mother, you’re going to need to use the inline controls part way down the 10ft long cable.


While I usually like the reassuring snug fit of heavier headsets, the G430s feel great on the head. The foam pad at the top of the adjustable head band does it’s job without making you feel like your head is going to explode. The deep ear cups feel great around the ears. Thanks to being made of a perforated cloth instead of leather,  the ear cups are very breathable. While this does mean your ears won’t sweat as much during long sessions, this sacrifices the sound isolation you get with leather ear cups. Finally, while the ear cups can easily be removed for washing, Logitech does not offer replacements.

Sound Quality: 

Gseriessoftware Without the included USB adapter (which acts as a sound card of sorts), the headset sounds like your typical pair of headphones. It’s not until after you have installed the drivers supplied by Logitech that you get the immersive sound of Dolby 7.1 surround sound. Being virtual 7.1 delivered through two 40mm drivers, the surround sound will obviously not be as accurate as with some more expensive headsets. Saying that, the simulated 7.1–tested out using Far Cry3, ARMA 3, and the Dredd Blu Ray–was surprisingly accurate. The sound is free of distortion, even when cranked all the way up. For the most part, we found the bass fairly adequate. Especially when compared to some other gaming headsets. Gamers who like to tinker, have the full 7 channel surround mixer and 11-channel equalizer included with Logitech’s gaming software at their disposal. The bendy 4- inch mic works great. Even with a fish tank’s filter and the AC blaring, the microphone did a good job at focusing on my voice. While you shouldn’t record your next studio album on the thing, it’s more than passable for voice chat or Skype.


  • Comfortable
  • Great Sound
  • Good Price


  • Plastic Feels Cheap

Final Verdict: In all, the Logitech G430 is a comfortable, great sounding headset at a great price. For $79.99, the headset outclasses most headsets in its price range and can compete with headphones that are significantly more expensive.