Saints Row 4 Getting GATV And Western Themed DLC next week

Johnny-GatWith Grand Theft Auto V on its way to disrupt the lives of many gamers, Volition and Deep Silver are hopping their GATV and Western themed Pack will help keep their latest game on your mind. You know, for those times when you’re tired of playing an open world shooter, and need to switch it up a bit by playing an open world shooter that allows you to run up the sides of buildings….

GATV, a loose play on GTA V, is said to give you everything you need to reproduce the swag (sorry) of Stilwater’s most fashionable peace keeper . Oh, and something called a “knife gun”, because, as Johnny always says: “you can never have too many guns.

While we currently have no idea what the Western Themed DLC will include, I’m hoping for the addition of a John Marsden like character. Both packs are expected out next week.

Source: PlayStation Blogcast Via: Joystiq