The Wolf Among Us Debut Trailer

The-Wolf-Among-UsTelltale Games has given us our first look at The Wolf Among Us, their new episodic adventure game based on Vertigo’s popular ongoing series Fables.

The Wolf Among Us, has you take on the role of Fabble Town’s top (read:only) detective Bigby Wolf. The story will follow Bigby as he attempts to solve a murder that takes place in the clandestine community of  Fabletown. If the game is anything like the comics, Jack did it… Ok, maybe not, but everyone is going to say he did.

The Wolf Among Us was supposed to be released this summer, but with the summer almost over Telltale is now saying to expect the game “soon”. You can expect the game to be released first on the PC with Xbox 360 and PS3 releases following soon after. Watch the video below.