Deep Silver Humble Bundle

DeepSilverDeep Silver, the publishing company known originally for Risen and Risen 2 as well as Dead Island and now for the Saints Row series, has released their own Humble Bundle online.

This time the bundle is supporting two different charities as well as supporting Deep Silver itself. You can choose to split your money between Deep Silver, the American Red Cross, and Child’s Play with no money going towards any one or two of the groups if you wish. You can pay as little as you want and receive Saints Row: The Third, Saints row 2, Risen 2: Dark Waters, Sacred 2 Gold by default as well as several of the games’ soundtracks. Pay at least (as of the writing of this article) $4.95 USD and receive Dead Island GOTY and SR3 Full Package (all the SR3 DLC) or pay $25+ and receive Dead Island: Riptide as well.

There are 12 days left for you to take advantage of the bundle and already they’ve sold over a quarter of a million bundles.