Crysis 3 PS3 Review


Crysis 2 shifted the gameplay from a lush open world found in the original Crysis to an urban landscape in New York. It showed a glimpse into a city that was torn by chaos thanks to the corrupt Cell Corporation. The city was also overrun by the persistent Cell aliens that were bent on annihilation and destruction.  It was the first time in the series that the game would be released to systems other than the PC. There was a lot of hype surrounding the game and for good reason. The series has been a favorite amongst many gamers since the original released back in 2007. Two years would pass and we would get the third installment in the series with Cryisis 3. Should you jump into the Nanosuit for the series’ third release? Read the review and find out!


Crysis 3 picks up 24 years later following Crysis 2’s conclusion. The corrupt Cell Corporation has enclosed the city in a huge Nanodome. Within the Nanodome are seven perilous areas known as the Seven Wonders.  With this Prophet sets on a mission of revenge in hopes of finding out the reason as to why the Cell Corporation built the dome to begin with and what their true intentions are. The citizens thought that the dome was supposed to protect them from the alien race known as the Ceph. That wouldn’t be the case as the Ceph have returned and are bent on full-scale destruction.  At the same time the Cell Corporation is aiming for global domination by any means that they see fit. The game moves along at a consistent and coherent pace. It also seems to be a lot more personal than in the previous entry. Psycho also wants revenge because he wants to know who tore the Nanosuit from his body. His moments of rage really add to the game’s already impressive story.


The first thing that came to my mind when I booted up the game was how impressive it looked even on the PS3. There is no doubt that the game looks stunning and I can only imagine how beautiful it looks on a PC. Amongst the rubble and destroyed buildings is a landscape ripe with lush grass and trees and a wonderful New York skyline. Lighting and shadows are impressive.  Character models look great and are detailed. Just as impressive are the water effects. Explosions look really good. Crysis 3 paints a grim and dark reality that somehow manages to look gorgeous at the same time. The game features lots of beautiful nature mixed in with industrial buildings. Set pieces look awesome. Crysis 3 is definitely on my list as one of the best if not the best looking console game this year.


The game does an equally impressive job in the audio department. Hanz Zimmer works on the game’s soundtrack as he did with Crysis 2 and the results are epic to say the least. The music’s tone picks up during heated moments of battle and it really sets the tone extremely well. Enemies chatter while they are in pursuit of Prophet. Bullets and explosions are impressive and convincing. The voice acting is solid in particular that of Prophet and Psycho. In fact, the banter amongst the two adds to the game’s already impressive audio design. The following actors lend their voice work to Crysis 3, Sean Chapman, David Kennedy, James Vincent Meredith, Kosha Engler, Ronan Summers, Chris McKinney and Joe Coen. Having a good sound system is almost essential while playing a game like Crysis 3.

I really enjoyed Crysis 3’s campaign although it is a bit shorter than the previous entry clocking in at a mere 5 hours. That’s really my main gripe with the game.  The great thing about Crysis 3 is that it can be played however the player sees fit. You can either go through a mission guns blazing or by using stealth.  There are times when enemies can even be avoided all together if you just want to simply make it to the objective marker. Prophet can once again use the Nanosuit’s armor ability to absorb damage from high falls, explosions from grenades or gunfire although too much damage will wear away the suit’s energy until the player no longer takes damage. Of course, EMP’s will drain the suit’s energy until it refills itself. Using the cloak ability is great because it basically makes Prophet an invincible killing machine.It is really gratifying to walk up behind an enemy guard and snap their neck or by doing a knife stab on an unsuspecting Ceph alien.

The enemy A.I. is solid for the most part and is really aggressive. They love throwing EMP grenades. There were a few exceptions when the A.I. seemed dumbfounded. As far as weapons are concerned I really liked using the Feline, C4, Scar, Jaw and the newly introduced Compound Bow. The Compound Bow results in a one hit death on most enemies with the exception of heavily armored Ceph aliens.  It is especially satisfying to hit an enemy with a headshot using said weapon. The Bow does have one major drawback and it is that its ammo is very limited so try to use it sparingly. Bow upgrades such as, shock, incendiary and explosive are available which is awesome.  The game does throw some new enemy types such as, the Ceph Spotter, Ceph Scorcher, Ceph Mastermind and the Ceph Reaver Type: Assault Unit. The Ceph Spotter can disable the Nanosuit’s functions. The Ceph Scorcher can deal massive damage with its flamethrower. The Ceph Mastermind’s main form of attack is telekinsis which allows them to use the bodies of dead Ceph infantries as temporary flying weapons that shoot laser and plasma at the player. The Ceph Reaver Type: Assault Unit will charge at the player and uses the secondary/spreadfire mode of the Pinch Rifle.


Of course, Crysis 3 wouldn’t be complete without multiplayer and the latest installment doesn’t disappoint. One of the modes is called Crash Site. Teams are required to capture airdropped pods which encourage players to constantly be on the move. This prevents players from camping which is a good thing. Anyone lucky enough to get their hands on a mech will have full advantage in their grasp. You don’t what to expect because of the Nanosuit powers which makes battles a lot more frantic and fun. You have other modes such as, Team Deathmatch, Assault, and Capture the Relay. The newest addition to multiplayer is Hunter Mode.  It is a round based mode where Cell guards face off against fully clocked competitors whom are armed with only a Compound Bow. As a clocked hunter your job is to eliminate Cell guards. Each eliminated Cell guard joins the clocked hunters. This keeps going until the clock runs out.


I really enjoyed playing Crysis 3 despite its short 5 hour campaign. The story is consistent and a lot more personal than in the previous entry in the series. The game looks absolutely gorgeous even on the PS3. It may be the best looking console game this year. The voice acting is really well done especially that of Prophet and Psycho. Hanz Zimmer provides a really impressive and immersive soundtrack. Enemy A.I. is really good with a few exceptions. The Compound Bow is a great weapon thanks to its one hit kills minus its very limited ammo. I also enjoyed the game’s multiplayer modes especially Hunter Mode. Crysis 3 was an awesome experience and is right up there with the year’s best releases.