Broken Age Broken Up

BrokenAgeDouble Fine studios, makers of such games as Brutal Legend and Psychonauts, launched one of the most successful and record-breaking Kickstarters for a brand new adventure game.

This game, come to be called Broken Age, is going to be in the style of the old point-and-click adventure games. Having asked for $400,000 and received over $3 million it seemed like all was quite well for the fledgling game. Unfortunately that turned out not to be quite the case. Broken Age is now being released in two parts with people able to pre-order the first part starting now through Steam’s “Early Access” feature. They are doing this to raise more money to finish the game. According to Schafer he “designed too much game” and that is what is prompting the decision to split the game in twain.

The updated release date for the game is now January for the first part (and for full beta access) and the second part of the game will come in April-May.