Warframe coming to PlayStation 4

warframeDigital Extremes,  the studio behind The Darkness II, will be bringing their free to play space ninja game to PS4 at launch, the developer announced today.

Game director Steve Sinclair, in an interview with IGN, had the following to say on why the studio choose to bring the game to Sony’s next-gen console:

“Sony caught wind of [Warframe], and said, ‘hey, what do you think of bringing it over to PlayStation 4?’, and we were very surprised to hear that. We retain control of the game, and we don’t have to necessarily get into bed with a publisher and sell away our ideas and kind of lose our creative vision for the game.

“Sony has been incredibly supportive and available, and [PlayStation 4], in my opinion, is incredible to develop for. It is awesome, and I don’t want to speak disparagingly about any existing or prior platforms, but we showed Warframe for the first time to our entire studio, and everyone had their jaws on the floor, how 1080p, silky smooth and beautiful it was. So, I’m really, really enjoying working on the machine.”

A demo of the PS4 version will be shown off at E3.