Square Enix Announces Deus Ex: The Fall For Mobile

Deus Ex-The FallDeus Ex: Human Revolution was a revolutionary first/third person game released a couple years ago to mostly positive reviews. It was a prequel to the oft-lauded Deus Ex that released in 2001, known for its open world mechanics and multiple ways to solve problems. Deus Ex: Human Revolution also had a multiformat release spawning a movie that is currently in production as well as a novel that released around the same time the game did. Called the “Icarus Effect” the novel took place concurrently to the game and starred a completely different set of characters though there was a little overlap with the Deus Ex: Human Revolution story.

This game, Deus Ex: The Fall, is a direct sequel to the novel and does not feature the games protagonist currently. From the press release issued by Square Enix the game, while for mobile devices, will have the full range of actions and consequences that Human Revolution had. There will be hacking, social interaction, choices, and exploration.

It will be retailing for $6.99 and will be releasing sometime this summer. Its unsure if it will be in multiple installments or a single game based on the way the release was written so stay tuned for info.