Sony v Microsoft: Who won E3?

ps4-V-XBoxoneThe dust has began to settle and this age old console battle is still raging on, and the console giant’s latest additions have added fuel to the fire. This has sparked debate amongst gamers and everyone in general, who is better? With Microsoft going first and revelling the X-Box One it was going to put all the pressure on Sony to deliver and they did. In my opinion they blew Microsoft out the water at E3 and this seems to be the general consensus between most gamers, not only is the PS4 cheaper than the X-Box you can also play pre-owned games and do not need to constant internet connection to play unlike the X-Box where you do.

With all the hype building up to E3 the reveal was always going to be an intense affair but most writers and journalists are claiming a Victory for Sony and rightfully so in my opinion.