inFAMOUS: Second Son screenshots


Sucker Punch has let a a new set of high-res screenshots of  inFAMOUS: Second Son. 

The screens show our new protagonist, Delsin Rowe, starring at his hands, using and energy whip, and a few Kill Zone extras getting their asses kicked.

inFAMOUS-Second-Son- Delsin Rowe using energy whip inFAMOUS-Second-Son-Delsin Rowe using powers inFAMOUS-Second-Son_05-24- (3) inFAMOUS-Second-Son_gun fire inFAMOUS-Second-Son_Delsin Rowe looking at hands inFAMOUS-Second-Son_05-24- (6) inFAMOUS-Second-Son-protagonist-art (1) inFAMOUS-Second-Son-protagonist-art (2)