Double Fine's Adventure Game Has A Name: Broken Age

BrokenAgeWhat began as a simple Kickstarter request quickly blew up into one of the largest Kickstarters ever when Double Fine announced they wanted to have a true point-and-click adventure game funded. With almost $3.4 million raised, when they only asked for $400,000, it has given them hope that point-and-click adventures are not dead. To that effect, Double Fine has been pouring a lot of effort into creating the game and it now has a title: Broken Age. The game revolves around two different characters leading completely different lives. One of them, a boy, lives in a futuristic spaceship controlled by a loving, “motherly” computer while the other lives in a world where she is to be sacrificed to a monster. No release date has been announced but according to, it will be available on the soon-to-be-released Ouya console as well as PC, Mac, and Linux. Pre-orders are being taken at this time as well with two different levels of access given depending on the purchase.