Microtransactions to be in all of EA's upcoming games

ea-logoFor a while the only time you heard of microtransactions was when they were added to a free to play game. Microtransactions enable the user to pay money to potentially gain a level, get a new weapon, new armor, or cosmetic features. Because of their popularity, and the obscene amounts of money they can bring in, EA has decided to add microtransactions to their full retail games as well. This is a trend that EA has started with Dead Space 3 where you could pay to unlock weapons that you may not normally get till close to the end of the game or that were not in the game at all except through purchasing. This means that if you pay $60 for a game you could potentially spend more than that in purchasing items for your character or to enhance the gameplay. We have seen how it has worked to the players’ advantage with things such as DLC which are paid expansions to games so its possible that microtransactions will end up being the same. Either way, expect your next EA game to have the option to purchase new items, abilities, or boosts for a modest fee.