Ravaged Free to Play This Weekend

Ravaged-free to playRavaged, a post-apocalyptic shooter available through Steam, will be Free to Play this weekend starting yesterday and going through 1PM PST Sunday. After the free to play event, you will have a chance to purchase Ravaged at a 66% discount on it usual price. This shooter sets you as a member of the “Resistance” fighting off the “Scavengers.” These “Scavengers” are the dregs of what remained on the surface of the Earth during its apocalyptic moments. The “Resistance” is comprised of those who sought safety underground and who have come back to rebuild the Earth.

The game is the usual first person shooter, similar to Call of Duty or Battlefield, where you are attempting to defeat the other team. It does have vehicles, something that is still a novelty in most other FPSes, that you can use to defeat the enemy. Check it out before its free to play session ends!