ARMA Developers Released On Bail

Martin-Pezlar-and-Ivan-BuchtaThe two ARMA developers that are facing criminal charges in Greece have been released on bail but are still being charged by the Greek government. The two developers, Martin Pezlar and Ivan Buchta, were freed early 1/15/2013 and will be allowed to go home to the Czech Republic though the criminal case against them is still proceeding. The two developers are being charged with espionage by taking pictures of military areas in Greece. Both developers say they were touring Greece to see and gain materials to be used as research for ARMA 3. This is not an unusual thing for developers to do as they often will travel to get ideas for locations and sounds for a game. This is the first time it has become an international criminal case though, with espionage being a very high-level crime. Unfortunately for both developers there is no date for their trial at the moment, or for the charges to be dropped, as judges in Greece are still striking so no cases are being heard.