THQ does a "Humble Bundle"

If you are a fan of games, especially indie games, you are probably quite familiar with the “Humble Bundle” group. This is a group that does massive sales of games where you can pay your own price for the games with a portion split between a charity, the “Humble Bundle” group, and the developers. If you pay above the “average paid” price you get bonuses of some kind such as extra games, soundtracks, art, and more. This most recent bundle though breaks a trend of indie developers by hosting THQ.

THQ has been going through some financial difficulties recently and the sales from this bundle may go towards helping the beleaguered gaming company. If you pay below the “average amount paid” you get: Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction: Armageddon, Company of Heroes, and both Company of Heroes expansions. If you pay above the “average price” you will also get Saint’s Row 3! You also get the soundtracks for the games listed as well which is and added bonus as soundtracks for games can be hard to come by.

There has been some controversy surrounding THQ’s entry into the “Humble Bundle” field. These games do have DRM which most “Humble Bundle” games do not and this is a major publisher whereas the usual group of people posting games are the indie developers. This has not deterred sales though as they have sold over 200K bundles as of this writing. If you are looking for great games on the cheap, I highly recommend checking out this “Humble Bundle” at