New Sleeping Dogs DLC Packs Announced

Square Enix promised DLC for their complete re-marketing of True Crime, known as Sleeping Dogs, and boy are they delivering! This new content pack, set to release November 14th, 2012, has a ton of new goodies including new missions, new character packs, and more. Each pack can be purchased separately but combined they will form the Dragon Master Pack.

The other packs are the: Triad Enforcer Pack, Police Protection Pack, Martial Arts Pack, GSP Pack, Deep Undercover Pack, Drunken Fist Pack, Square Enix Character Pack, Gangland Style Pack, and Zodiac Tournament Pack. That is a LOT of content that will be available for Sleeping Dogs. This is not all the DLC that Square Enix has promised either, reiterating their six month commitment to bringing DLC to their games. No price was listed for the individual packs, or the Dragon Master combo Pack. There may also be an expiration date for some content; Square Enix stated that the content would be available “throughout the Holiday Season” so make sure you buy early.