Grand Theft Auto 5 Details Released


So far a lot of the details concerning Rockstar’s latest Grand Theft Auto have remained in the dark. Thanks to a leak from inside the company, a lot of those details have now been cleared up! There are going to be THREE playable characters to choose from, each with completely different back stories. You will be able to switch between them whenever you choose and the characters will continue on with their normal routines until you take them back over.

The world is reputed as being larger than three of Rockstar’s other games combined: Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto 4, and San Andreas. There will be new and redone mini-games similar to what your character did in San Andreas to boost stats. You will also have a full ocean and ocean floor to play with and possibly have some underwater missions as well. Finally you will still have your cell phone but it will not be as important as in previous GTA games.

Overall Grand Theft Auto 5 is looking to be incredible and may be another award winning entry in Rockstar’s franchise.