Bungie's "Destiny" details leaked

Bungie, best known for the creation of the Halo franchise, has finally been able to move onto something that is not in the “Halo” line of games. Orginally kept secret, the project was originally outed in court documents that were released during the West/Zampella vs. Activision lawsuit. It is a science fiction game set in the far future where Earth and “the Last City” are all that are left of Humanity’s greatness. You’re tasked with becoming a “knight” that will help beat back the encroaching alien hordes that are attempting to destroy humanity. There are, from the leaked documents, four games planned stretching across this generation of consoles and beyond into whatever comes next. It is set to be released on the Xbox 360 and PS3 sometime in Fall 2013 according to IGN. No price points were announced and there is still speculation as to whether or not the game will be an MMO or a standalone game.