XCOM Enemy Unknown DLC Announced

So you think you have finished saving the Earth from nasty aliens do you? Well think again soldier! There are two DLC packs coming out soon, one of which has brand new content for the armchair generals. Expect new missions, new weapons, and new content!

The first pack is a release of the pre-order content to everyone else. The “Elite Soldier Pack” has everything you need to keep the Earth free of alien influence. You’ll receive a Classic XCOM Soldier (modeled after the soldiers in the original game) and a ton of new customization abilities for their armor and uniforms including the Hyperion and Reaper armors.

The second pack is all brand-new content for the game. Called the “Slingshot Content Pack,” you will receive a series of missions from the Council that take place in China both on the ground and in the air. There will be a new soldier for you based on the Triad gangs as well as new character customization options. Research options will be opened up for you as well that were previously limited to the end-game which could help you end that alien menace more effectively.

The “Elite Soldier Pack” will be 400MSP ($4.99 for Playstation and PC) to purchase. There is no release date or price for the “Slingshot Content Pack” yet.