The Top 10 Video Games Of All Time (In My Opinion Anyway)

Ok all, these are the Top 10 Games that I keep coming back to for some reason over the years. Most are PC games but the list is not limited to only PC. Honestly, these are not in any order that I am intending.

10 ) Starflight

One of the first “Open World” games that I can remember. The graphics are simplistic but entrancing. I played and still play it for days on end. The story and variety of races is incredible and the amount of tasks you can perform is incredible.

9 ) Dawn of War series, both I and II.

-The first series in Dawn of War was more of a traditional RTS with the traditional base-building and unit creation. Each expansion added its own units and with Soulstorm culminated in the ability to take territories with accompanying bonuses. Dawn of War II and its expansions added onto that formula while removing the traditional base-building. Units are brought in via reinforcement points instead of being cranked out at a facility. Territory conquering is still a key point with optional missions adding a variety of units or powers.

8 ) Star Trek Starfleet Command I and II

-You will not find a better recreation of the Star Fleet Battles miniatures/board game than in Starfleet Command I and II. You are given a selection of vessels earned through mission completion, each with it own strengths and weaknesses. Battles are true to the “space navy” experience but can become very frantic if you miscalculate.

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