God of War: Ascension - Pre-Order Bonus and Collector's Edition


If you are someone that has followed in the footsteps of Kratos: God of War since the beginning, you should pay close attention. The Collector’s Edition has been announced and you will get some legendary items if you purchase it ($79.99 USD). You will get a statue of Kratos, a premium steelbook casing for the game, official soundtrack, a double-XP unlock for multiplayer, a PS3 theme, Avatar, and the Season Pass for all future DLC content. The Season Pass alone could justify paying the extra $20 for this!

Pre-ordering the game, regardless of edition, nets you the Mythological Heroes Multiplayer pack. This pack allows you, in multiplayer, to don the famous garb of such heroes as Perseus, Orion, Hercules, and Odysseus. There is also one last announcement, a big one according to Sony, to come on 10/15.