DmC Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed


DmC, the reboot of the Devil May Cry series, has finally announced its pre-order bonuses. Each set of bonuses is specific to a retailer so you will have to pick which pack interests you the most. GameStop will have the “Samurai” pack which will have samurai inspiried skins for the weapons as well as free Upgrade Points for Dante to start off with. Best Buy will have the “Golden” pack which will include gold skins for the weapons and an “item finder” which will assist you in discovering hidden items in the game.

Amazon will give you the “Bone” pack which will give you bone-themed weapon skins as well as an “orb harvester” which will help you upgrade Dante quicker.

Overall the packs are very similar except for the incidental item that comes with the skins. The game is slated to release January 13th, 2013 with a PC release scheduled for later.

You can check out the Bonus trailers below.

GameStop Samurai Pack

Amazon Bone Pack

Best Buy Golden Pack