Roxio Game Capture HD Out Now!

If you have been looking to record some of your best moves in your favourite games for YouTube, or want to stream live your number one game, then you have a chance to do that in HD with the new Roxio Game Capture HD set! Building upon its successes in the previous version of the platform, you can now use HDMI to record your videos as well as record in 1080p. This means no more having to buy a second set of component cables for your gaming rig in order to record. You also have no muss and no fuss getting your stream up on (one of the more popular game streaming sites) thanks to Roxio’s new partnership with Twitch. Record your stream and broadcast directly into Twitch with only a few mouse clicks!

You will also be able to export your videos to several different formats using the built-in software so all your friends can see you rock out at your game. Suggested price will be $179 USD ($149 EU).