Planetary Annihilation successfully kickstarted with more than $2.2 million

Uber Entertainment Inc, the dev team behind Super Monday Night Combat launched a Kickstarter campaign more than a month ago to fund the spiritual successor to Total Annihilation –  a massively popular real time strategy published in 1997.  As the name implies, Planetary Annihilation aims to take the real time combat to the stars, with celestial bodies getting involved in the fracas.

Uber initially sought $900,000 in funding to the make the game, but when the campaign ended on Friday, the company had raised $2,228,344 thanks to pledges from more than 44,000 backers.

As the campaign went on, Uber had announced a range of stretch goals, the last few being Galactic War – a game mode than pitches entire galaxies against each other in Planetary Annihilation, and an Orchestral Score – what the devs referred to as “the absolute best way to make a game soundtrack come alive and stand the test of time.”