Zero Dark Thirty DLC Announced for Medal of Honor: Warfighter

While video games and movies have never had the best of luck when combined (think Super Mario Bros or Street Fighter: The MOvie), videogames promoting movies and vice versa have done a remarkable job. This trend of cross promotion seems to have no end in sight as EA have teamed up with Sony to promote their latest military action movie called “Zero Dark Thirty.” This time the promotion comes with a series of digital maps that will be made available to Medal of Honor purchasers on December 19th, the same week the movie premiers. The maps will cost $9.99 but will apparently be based on some parts from the movie. One is set in a gun market and the other in one of the lower regions of Pakistan. Also, one dollar from each map pack sold will go to a non-profit group that supports veterans since EA has pledged to support those organizations.

Good luck and see you on the battlefield come October for Medal of Honor: Warfighter and December for the new maps!