Skyrim Hearthfire DLC Announced

So you have conquered all of Skyrim, solved the main story, slayed some Vampire Lords (or maybe skinned some Werewolves instead), and you are wondering…what is there left to do? Well with the new update coming out from Bethesda you will finally be able to buy land and create your own living areas. You will no longer be stuck with the pre-fabricated houses that you can get in the different cities; now you will be able to build your own place to live. While the standard accoutrements will be there, such as a workbench, alchemy lab, etc, you will be able to add a garden, stable, and even a workbench to process harvested items. You can even adopt some of those lovable orphan children you see on the streets of Skyrim. If you don’t feel like doing all of this yourself, you can use one of your followers as your house’s “steward” to take care of some of the construction for you.

Hearthfire will be 400MS Points ($5 USD) and will release on September 4th on 360. PC and PS3 release dates have not been announced yet.