Dead Space 3 Release Date Announced, Gamescom Trailer Released

Dead Space 3 has finally received a release date and for North America it will be during the chilly winter period of February 5th! Coming in both a regular and a Limited Edition, reserving the Limited Edition will net you two bonus packs of both suits and weapons. Called the “First Contact” and “Witness the Truth” bundles, each comes with a unique suit and weapon. The “FC” bundle gives you thicker armor and a gold sheen for the suit and a combo weapon called the “Neogotiator.” This weapon boasts a Tesla coil on top and Linegun mounted on the bottom.

The “WtT” bundle gives you a graffiti scrawled suit and the weapon is a combo AL-2g assault rifle on top and a “Big Boy” shotgun on the bottom. Regardless of what game package you purchase, you get a co-op partner for the first time in Single Player in the form of John Carver which can be played as a drop-in/drop-out form of co-op.

Finally there is a new trailer for the game which can be found below.