Command & Conquer Goes Free-to-Play

If you consider yourself well-versed in the RTS genre, then you assuredly know of the prolific and lauded series Command and Conquer. While the series has seen better days than the infamous closure to the Tiberium Wars saga, fans should be happy to hear about the upcoming Command and Conquer: Generals 2 becoming a free-to-play game. RTS games and the free-to-play format aren’t the most widespread sort of games, but with EA and their flagship series leading the RTS free-to-play format, we’re really beginning to see just how popular free-to-play is becoming across all genres. Anyway, yeah, this game is looking rather promising, but here’s hoping that it doesn’t entirely boil down to pay-to-win. There are many ways EA could make money from this title, like additional factions, specializations, levels, aesthetics, etc., but we all know that no one will be happy if the most powerful and effective units and tactics are capable of being bought. Look out for this game in early 2013.