Star Wars: The Old Republic Going Free-To-Play This Fall

Chances are good you have probably seen recently that the first 15 levels of the Old Republic were going free to play as a taste of the full game. Now, the paid subscription for it shall surely grow stronger in death than it was in life, as The Old Republic is going for a mixture of both! In a statement released today, EA has said that while it will be going Free to Play this fall for the Old Republic, the paid subscription model will still be hanging around.

The first 50 levels of the game will be available as free to play for all users. Certain advanced options though will be locked to the paid subscribers as will the levels higher than 50. Some of the advanced features will purchasable via “Cartel Coins” which you can purchase and which paid subscribers will receive a monthly stipend. This is quite similar to how Cryptic has treated Star Trek Online which has seen a very stable subscriber base since going Free to Play.

While it has been announced for “This Fall” no firm date for the changeover has been given as of yet.