Mass Effect 3: Earth Officially Announced

Whether you have completed the campaign and see the new endings or not, you have likely been playing the multiplayer part of Mass Effect 3. Between the item collecting, leveling of characters, and the Operations that keep occuring, you have plenty to keep busy! Well prepare for more multiplayer action to come your way with the new DLC Bioware is launching.

In this release you will be tasked with defending 3 training sites on Earth for N7 recruits. This means three new maps to play on in the areas of London, Vancouver, and Rio De Janeiro. To keep you on your toes in other maps, you have a new Platinum difficulty that you can access to up the ante if Gold was getting too boring for you. There are even new side objectives for you that will hit on waves 3, 6, and 10. There are also 6 new classes to unlock, 12 new weapons mods, and 11 gear upgrades. This is poised to be one massive package!

It will be available on July 17th on all platforms in the US and the 18th in Europe. No price point has been given as of yet for this release.