Quantum Conundrum DLC Puzzle Packs Announced

If you were starting to worry about getting your puzzle fix don’t worry, Quantum Conundrum has you covered! The makers of the game have announced 2 DLC packs that will be coming out very soon! The first will appear on July 31st on Steam, August 14th for the PS3, and August 15th on the Xbox 360. The “Desmond Debacle” has you checking out a new wing of the manor in what is said will be “hours” of puzzle solving brought to you by Desmond the Drinking Bird.

The second piece of DLC will appear on August 28th on Steam, September 11th on PSN, and September 12th for Xbox 360. This one is titled “IKE-carumba” and will have you rescuing the Professor’s beloved pet “Ike” in another area of the mansion not before explored. Both DLC packs will be $2.99 (or 240 Xbox Live Points).