Watch Dogs Announced

It would appear as if “cyberpunk” is experiencing a renaissance in the gaming world. First we have the announcement from CD Projekt Red that they’re making a game based on the PnP game “Cyberpunk” and now we have Ubisoft announcing “Watch Dogs” which is a unique IP for them not based on anything licensed.

You play as a wanted vigilante by the name of Aiden Pierce, a former “Watch Dog” who takes out criminals who escape from the hands of the law. The law in this case is controlled by, or controls as it is rather uncertain who controls it, the CTOS or City Central Operating System. This overmind stores all of the biometric and personal information of all inhabitants. You and other “Watch Dogs” will be using it to outsmart people.

The example given in the video was causing a traffic accident by shutting off stoplights and jamming cell phones in the area. Honestly it looks like Ghost in the Shell minus robots (so far anyway). So if you are a fan of the cyberpunk genre, this is another game to add to your radar!

  • Stuart Tiffen

    As a former native of Chicago, I can attest that the downtown area of the city is modeled damn-near perfectly in this video. So pretty!