Skyrim Dawnguard Beta Registration Open

With all the talk of the zombie apocalypse recently vampires have been getting the short stick! Bethesda aims to rectify this oversight with new DLC for their award-winning game The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. The beta process is nearly ready to open up for it on the Xbox 360, the system its going to hit first, with no word yet on the PS3 or PC.

This DLC puts you either on the side of the “Dawnguard,” a group fighting against vampires, or on the side of the vampires. One major new thing that Bethesda is doing though is the beta process for the DLC itself. If you apply for the beta (and have a Bethesda forum login) and are accepted, you will get the full expansion to test WITHOUT having to purchase it. This gives some incentive to those players who can quash bugs and want a reward for doing so.

There is no official release date yet besides “Summer 2012.” Visit to apply.