New Details from Skyrim Dawnguard Beta

The Dawnguard Beta invites are starting to be sent to eligible players and more details are beginning to leak out regarding this new expansion. To recap what we already know: it will be on Xbox 360 first, cost 1200 microsoft points, feature a new group called the Vampire Lords and one group called the Dawnguard, and you can either fight for or against the Vampires.

New details are emerging about the existence of new perks, new upgrades and perks for the Werewolves among you, new weapons, and more. One new weapon is the crossbow and the ability to make bolts for it. If you join the vampires you’ll gain a whole host of new powers such as “Vampiric Grip” which lets you suspend someone in the air and drain their health from them. Another new power is “Soul Tear” which rips the soul out of an unsuspecting victim and raises you a new undead minion. As a Werewolf, you can get the “Brutal Strength” perk which allows you to do 25% more damage as a werewolf or grab “Animal Vigor” which grants you an additional 100 Heath and Stamina in your Werewolf form.

There has not been much more discussion about the plot of the expansion other than you can join the Vampires or fight against them but expect more details to emerge as the beta goes on.

  • Rob

    Still haven’t got my bet invite yet :(