Diablo III real-money auction house launches in North America

Care to spend your cold, hard cash on some virtual gear? Well if you live in North America, now you can. Blizzard announced the launch of the real-money auction house on Tuesday, significantly later than its expected release when the game came out in May. Players can trade for weapons and armor with Mexican pesos as well as US and Australian dollars (sorry Canada ), with support for the rest of the Americas and Europe coming soon, Blizzard said.

The new feature requires additional security measures; players wishing to access the Auction house have to use the physical authenticator or mobile authenticator app, and if they want to use Paypal, there is an additional layer of security through the Battle.net SMS Protect service. Blizzard has an FAQ on the auction house here.

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    I don’t like what happened with the auction house. Everything is overpriced. Casual have to pay lot of money to be able to complete the game. Blizzard even ask atleast 1 $ on each items that are sold or 15% . It’s ridiculous.