"Xbox, Lower Prices." - $99 Xbox/Kinect Bundle

Xbox 360While that is not a command that normally works on a Xbox with a Kinect, it appears to have been used on Microsoft itself! Today Microsoft announced that its sixteen Microsoft stores will be carrying the 4GB Xbox bundled with Kinect for a jaw-dropping (and wallet-opening) $99. The only two catches are that this offer is ONLY good at the sixteen Microsoft stores (find your closest one here: http://content.microsoftstore.com/home.aspx) and you must sign a two-year agreement for Xbox Live Gold at $14.95 a month. This appears to be an attempt by Microsoft to woo the media content crowd as this is perfect for using Netflix, Zune Marketplace, and other content providers via the gesture and voice-based commands. I can personally attest to the ease with which you can start, stop, pause, and browse content using your Kinect. Considering the appeal of the PS3’s Blu-Ray features, this may work in Microsoft’s favor by capturing the digital media crowd. This may also be signaling a potential permanent price-drop for the console which is something that would help Microsoft stay competitive with the pending release of the Wii-U and the current release of other content providers such as GoogleTV, Roku, and Apple.