Starhawk Goes Gold, Beta Testers Get Exclusive Content

StarhawkYesterday, LightBox Interactive announced that Starhawk, the successor to  2007’s Warhawk, had gone Gold.

Starhawk is not your normal off-the-shelf shooter,” said  Dylan Jobe, president of Lightbox. “We’ve certainly taken some chances with this game, but it’s gonna be worth it: The Build & Battle system alters the traditional shooter recipe in such a way that when you play other shooters you may find yourself frustrated that you can’t build bunkers, walls, outposts, and all the other stuff that Starhawk lets you build. So if you’re a shooter fan looking for a change of pace, definitely pick up Starhawk!”

LightBox also announced that a character accessory dubbed,” Hand of the Founder,” will be exclusive to beta testers. Both the Ucadian and Chernovian vehicles paint schemes will be exclusive to Starhawk beta testers who’ve also played Warhawk.

I’m sure the learning curves going to be a *****, but I’m still expecting this to ba a massive time sink for me.

Starhawk is set for a May 8th release.