Max Payne 3 DLC Announced, Out In June

If you are a Max Payne fan and have been anticipating the upcoming release of the game then you should know it has MULTIPLAYER! Earlier today Rockstar listed detailed plans for Multiplayer DLC that is going to be released throughout the upcoming summer. If you played L.A. Noire you are going to be quite familiar with the method they are using: the Rockstar Pass.

Purchasing the Pass entitles you to all the DLC being released throughout 2012 without having to purchase them piecemeal. Handing over (and trust me, you always hand things over to Max when he asks) your 2400 MS Points or $29.99 USD for the PS3 and PC unlocks all of the DLC as it is released starting with the Local Justice Map Pack which is releasing this June. Solid dates for the rest of the DLC has not been announced beyond “Summer 2012” and “Fall 2012” so expect more details as the game gets closer to release.

As always you can purchase the DLC individually if you do not want to invest in the Rockstar Pass though prices were not available at press time.

So paying $29.99 to bring on even more Payne? Sounds good to me!