From Magic to Technology - CD Projekt's new RPG

One of the more prolific RPG creators in the past few years, CD Projekt Red, has settled upon a new RPG that does not take place in the world of their primary creation “The Witcher.” This new project for them is taking place in the world of “Cyberpunk,” a Pen-and-Paper RPG that has been out and updated for over 25 years by R. Talosian Games. Created by Mike Pondsmith, who will be working with CD Projekt on the project, “Cyberpunk” features a dystopian universe where film noir has been mixed with technology. There are a ton of novels in the “Cyberpunk” universe as well, including “Hard Wired” which I can say personally is an excellent read.

You will be able to play as the standard character tropes available in such a universe including: Hackers, Mercenaries, and others. CD Projekt has said that morally ambiguous choices, similar to what you find in the “Witcher” series, that can change the whole universe around you.

No release date or official title has been announced as of yet but this has now been added to my list of games I am anticipating.