EVE Online Inferno expansion sets universe on fire

It was patch day in EVE Online on Tuesday, as Icelandic developer CCP rolled out the Internet spaceship MMO’s 17th expansion, this one dubbed Inferno. This expansion tackled a host of issues in the game, with most emphasis on factional warfare and a graphical overhaul of missile weapons and stealth bomber-class ships.

The devs reworked the complex war declaration system, making all wars public affairs, with war voyeurs now able to see at a glance how the war is progressing between two alliances or corporations. A new mercenary marketplace was also introduced, allowing third-party gangs of space thugs to sell their services to various combatants.

A new unified inventory also made the patch notes, attempting to ease the process of sorting through player assets – as the shear volume of data in EVE can often lead to a  mini-game of Space Spreadsheets.

CCP released the following trailer:

Inferno comes on the heels of large-scale player events such as “Burn Jita” – an attempt to wreck the player-driven economy by assaulting the busiest trade hub in the EVE universe.