Next consoles from Sony And Microsoft To Block Used Games

This is absolutely pathetic. People don’t have the right to own the game even after spending a lot of money for it to begin with. Buying and selling used games has been around for a long time and has always been legal until now.

Big companies look at used console games as piracy. Gamefly and Gamestop are going to lose a lot of money as are the consumers.  It all started with PC games utilizing strict measures such as, an internet connection, installation of unnecessary software and limiting the number of times a game can be installed. That’s why a lot of people prefer console games which unfortunately are going to suffer the same fate that PC games have faced.

A game costs $100 in order for it to be a fully playable game which is really stupid. The best thing to do is to not buy the new PS3 and Xbox when they are released. Just stick with the current models. Vote with your wallet.