Diablo 3 "Barbarian" Trailer Introduces Us To The Fearless Combatant

Blizzard has released a trailer introducing us to Diablo 3’s Barbaria class. The trailer gives us a bit of backstory and gameplay footage for the melee-oriented class.

Here’s the offiical description from Blizzard:

“The barbarians. Mighty warriors whose strength and ferocity are a match for any foe, whether slavering beast or foul demon,” says Blizzard. “Tall, broad, and rippling with muscle, the barbarian can bear a heavy weapon too large for a commoner to lift, or wield two full-sized armaments—one in each hand—with wickedly lethal purpose. In the wild and monstrous lands of Sanctuary, there is nothing more frightening than a barbarian with a dry blade.”

Diablo 3 is set for a May 15 release.